The surrounding area of Harderwijk

Harderwijk is a beautiful Hanseatic city in the north-west of the well-known Veluwe in the Netherlands. With the Wolderwijd and the Veluwemeer west of the city and the beautiful forests, heath and sand drifts of the Veluwe east of the city.

Harderwijk is a bustling city full of history, culture and culinary entertainment venues. With many different types of activities to everyone's interest, a spacious harbor and a beautiful and cozy boulevard.

We at Fiets Huren Harderwijk are proud of our cozy little city. That is why we want to give you a glimpse of what there is to do and find, in and around Harderwijk. For the complete range that our Harderwijk has to offer, for you as a visitor, you can visit the website of Heerlijk Harderwijk.

Cycling and E-Chopper routes

There are many cycling route junctions in the vicinity of Harderwijk.
Riding an E-Chopper along the lakes or through the woods of the Veluwe, along the sand drifts or the different heath surfaces. Or perhaps rather an educational route with an E-Bike, along various significant places from the Second World War. Even a culinary or cultural cycle or E-Chopper route is possible.

Fiets Huren Harderwijk has selected a number of beautiful routes for you, which you can get for free. And if yours is not among them, we can offer you a free cycling route app from


Overnight in Harderwijk

In Harderwijk you can find many B&Bs and different hotels.
You can also find these outside the city centre, spread across the area.

There are at least 25 B&Bs in the Harderwijk area. Both small and cozy B&Bs where you really share the house with the owners as a guest, and larger and luxurious boat houses where you can have the whole house to yourself.

Harderwijk has 6 hotels. Four of these can be found in the cozy city center. One hotel is in the south, where you stand with one foot in the woods of the Veluwe. And one hotel in the north that was once a castle, which has been kept in good condition for your "royal" visit in beautiful Harderwijk.

We have listed a number of stays for you.


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