With our Spyder Wheelz E-Choppers (also called 'E-Scooters'), you can explore the Veluwe forests and lakes in a different and unique way.

Why rent an E-Chopper?

  • Veluwe FUN!
  • 100% electric and environmentally conscious
  • Silent
  • Cool and sensational
  • Feel like a boss, cruising through the nature of the Veluwe!
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The Specifications

  • Duo seat, footrests and a grab bar on the back.
  • Phone holder with charger (USB)
  • Range: 45 km.
  • Top speed: 25 km/h.
  • Max. carrying weight: 120 kg (one passenger between 8 and 15 years old is allowed on the back).
  • Comfortable Spyder Wheelz helmet.
  • Civil Liability insured.

Read the Terms And Conditions for more information about our E-Chopper insurance.


Let's go!


Are you 18 years or older and have you had your (moped) driving license for at least 1 year?
Then race to our reservation page and explore the surroundings of Harderwijk like a boss!
Or take the scenic route through our prices page and surroundings page!

See you soon!

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