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By filling in this form you can book your reservation directly. The processing of the reservation is based on entry and availability. Your reservation is final after our confirmation and your payment.

Confirmation and payment
As soon as we have received your application, it will be scheduled. After checking availability, the necessary bikes will be put on provisional reservation for 48 hours and the digital booking confirmation will be emailed to you.

After receiving your payment, the reservation is final. P.S: If we do not receive timely payment, the bikes will be removed from the provisional reservation. So avoid disappointment and pay on time. Especially in the busy months, the number of available bikes is limited!

Good to know
Cancellation is free of charge up to 24 hours after your reservation.
In case of non-fulfillment of your final reservation, it will not be refunded, unless the reservation is cancelled at least 7 days before the pick-up date. In that case we will refund 80%.

In the event of premature return of the rented items, the entire rental price will continue to apply.

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