The prices of Fiets Huren Harderwijk

Fiets Huren Harderwijk offers affordable rental of electric bikes. 
Below you will find the basic prices of our products.

We also have a variety of rental offers. We've put them together for you on our offers page on this website.

Please note that all our prices are online prices and only apply to bookings made through our website.

FHH E Choppers Front


We rent our E-Choppers with a helmet that is included in the price.
And we have selected beautiful routes through nature especially for our E-Choppers. So you may enjoy the environment and your E-Chopper ride up to a total distance of 45 km.

Are you ready to explore the Veluwe like a boss?
Then go to our reservation page today and rent your E-Chopper!

€ 29,95 for 3 hours (9:45 - 12:45)

€ 35,95 for 4 hours (13:00 - 17:00) 10% discount! (normally € 39,95)

€ 59,- for 7 hours (10:00 - 17:00) 15% discount! (normally € 69,95)


Our E-Bikes are well maintained by our mechanics. And are optimized for your unforgettable and relaxing bike ride.

Thanks to our strong batteries, you'll have no worries about coming to a standstill while enjoying your ride. The action radius of our batteries goes up to 100 km!

We have different sizes of E-Bikes, based on your body height.
You may pick your favored choices at the reservation form on our website.

€ 24,50 (per E-Bike, per day)


During a ride with one of our E-Bikes, it would be nice to pause now and then to take in the scenery. Or maybe you would like to have a nice romantic picnic, at one of the sand drifts within the region. Perhaps you prefer visiting a nice souvenir shop or playground? At these moments it'll be convenient to have some luggage with you.

Fiets Huren Harderwijk can make that happen for you, by offering one or more panniers for rent. Our panniers (single) have a ratio of 33 x 42 x 16 cm (W x H x D) and a maximum load capacity of 8 kg.
You may only book these in combination with an E-Bike with your reservation on the website.

€ 1,00 (per piece, per day)

Smartphone holder

If you go cycling for a while, you naturally want to see some beautiful things and know where to find them. Especially in such a beautiful touristic and natural environment as the Veluwe, the Randmeren and Harderwijk. So you probably want to follow a mapped out cycling route. And for that you need the right tools to be able to follow that mapped out route.

That is why Fiets Huren Harderwijk has, in addition to a nice selection of free cycling routes, also arranged the means for you to follow the cycle route via your smartphone. With your reservation request on the website, you can rent a smartphone holder in combination with our E-Bikes.

€ 2,50 (per piece, per day)

Bicycle helmet

Nowadays, the bicycle helmet is becoming more and more popular and in some situations even mandatory.

This speed helmet is included in the rental of our E-Choppers. For E-Choppers, a helmet is in the Netherlands mandatory since 2023.

If you want to have a helmet with your E-Bike, you can rent it separately.
Please indicate this in the reservation form on our website.

€ 1,50  (per piece, per day)

Child seats

Do you want to travel with your young ones? Then Fiets Huren Harderwijk is the right place for you as well!

We offer E-Bikes with both a front seat and a rear seat. Both are from the brand: Bobike. You may choose between just a front seat, just a rear seat, or both at the same time!

The child seats are only offered for rent in combination with one of our E-Bikes. On our booking page under 'Accessories', you may choose which child seat and how many you would like to book.

€ 4,50  (per piece, per day)

Dog basket

Could your loyal four-legged buddy join your ride? But of course!

Our Basil bicycle basket is mounted on the back of the luggage carrier on our E-Bikes. The basket is 45 x 32 x 22 cm (L x W x H) and therefore perfect for smaller dogs. It has a cushion so that your pet sits comfortably and includes a strap to secure your pet securely. You could easily click the basket off your E-Bike, to take the dog to a terrace or an other disembarking point. It has a wire cover for extra safety while cycling and has a max. load up of 15 kg.

Only offered for rent in combination with one of our E-Bikes. On our booking page you may select the option to book the dog basket with your reservation.

€ 6,50 (per piece, per day)

Kettingslot (2000 x 3556 px)

Chain lock

Our E-Bikes are equipped with a ring lock by default. But sometimes you want to be on the safe side.
We regularly received the question whether a chain lock is also available.

In response to this question, we have made sturdy chain locks available to rent with your E-Bike for that little bit of extra security. This way you can go out without worrying about the safety of the rented E-Bikes!
In your reservation request you can let us know if you want to rent a chain lock.

€ 1,00 (per piece, per day)

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