Weekend Offer

Make it a weekend out!

from € 49,- for
€ 39,- (20% off!)

Per weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

Prices are per piece. This offer is valid from 01-04-2023 until 30-10-2023.


Week Offer

Grab that discount and rent for a week!

from € 171,50 for
€ 128,- (25% off!)
Per week

from € 7,- for € 5,- (25% off!)
Per week

Smartphone holder
from € 17,50 for € 7,50 (55% off!)
Per week

Bicycle helmet
from € 10,50- for € 7,- (30% off!)
Per week

Child seats
from € 31,50 for € 19,50 (35% off!)
Per week

Dog basket
from € 45,50 for € 24,50 (45% off!)
Per week

Dog cart
from € 101,50 for € 49,- (50% off!)
Per week

Prices are per piece. This offer is valid from 01-04-2023 until 30-10-2023.


Regular Customer Discount*

Let's go again!

Have you already rented E-Bikes from us earlier this season?
Then you are now entitled to our Regular Customer Discount with even more discount on an E-Bike!
This discount is valid with your next reservation.
Simply book your new reservation now and receive the following discount:

E-Bike per day
from € 21,50 for
€ 18,-

E-Bike per weekend (Saturday + Sunday)
from € 43,- for € 29,50

E-Bike per week
from € 150,50 for € 90,-

You may also make use of the beautiful free cycling routes that are waiting for you.
Or use the renewed cycling route app of Fietsnetwerk for free.

This discount is only valid with the promotional code that you will receive from us by e-mail, after your first bike ride of this season at Fiets Huren Harderwijk.
Enter the promotional code at the bottom of the reservation form, under 'Comments'.

*Prices are per piece. This offer is valid until 31-12-2023.


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