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Frequently Asked Questions

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08 maart 2024

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We have listed a number of frequently asked questions for you.

Can't find your question? Please call us then during our opening hours.
Or fill in the contact form on this website.
And we shall contact you a.s.a.p.


Where can I find Fiets Huren Harderwijk?

You can find us in the Netherlands at 400 meters away from the Harderwijk bus and train station.
Although our address is Landbouwlaan 1B, 3844 KV Harderwijk, it is not convenient to visit us through the main entrance. There is also insufficient parking there.
You can visit us through our back entrance where the issue and collection of our two-wheelers takes place.
Our back entrance is located in the alley between Baanweg 20 (Gym: Sam's Gym) and Baanweg 22, 3844 KS Harderwijk.

Where can I park my car?

There is more than enough space to park for free at 100 meters from the back entrance of Fiets Huren Harderwijk. If you want to park there, navigate to: P+R Baanweg 1 Parking, Harderwijk.
At the P+R parking lot, continue for 300 meters to the end of the parking lot (with the railway on your left and the station at the back). There you can park the car and leave the parking lot on foot, through the opening at the end of the parking lot (with the railway in the back). This street is called: Baanweg.
Now turn left and after 100 meters walk right into the alley, between Baanweg 20 (Gym: Sam's Gym) and Baanweg 22 (house).
There you will find our back entrance.

How do I book?

You can book the E-Bikes starting from one day. The rental of the E-Choppers is divided into different parts of the day.
Go to book now, read the form carefully, fill in the form and receive the reservation confirmation with payment options.
After payment, your reservation is officially booked and you can enjoy Harderwijk and the beautiful Veluwe!

Can I book for one whole day?

Yes, this is possible for our E-Bikes as well as our E-Choppers.
We do advise to book in time (at least 48 hours in advance) to avoid dissapointements.

Can I cancel my reservation?

Yes, cancellation is free of charge up to 24 hours after our reservation confirmation. By sending an e-mail through this website via the Contact button in the menu, or here. Please include the number of the booking confirmation (which we have emailed you) in the 'Message/Comments' section of the contact form. Upon receipt, you will receive a confirmation of your cancellation.

Can I cancel my reservation after 24 hours?

Of course you can cancel at any time, but this is no longer free after 24 hours.
In the event of non-compliance with your final reservation, the amount will not be refunded, unless you cancel the paid reservation at least 7 days before the pick-up date. In this case we will refund 80%.

Can I change my reservation?

Yes, you can change your reservation. You can do that here, by making a new reservation.
Attention! Please state the old number of the booking confirmation (which we have emailed you) under 'Comments' at the bottom of the new reservation form.

What are the payment options?

After your reservation you will receive our digital booking confirmation with payment options by e-mail. Payment must be received by us within 48 hours. If we have not received payment, the reservation is not complete and the reservation will not be processed.
It is also possible to pay when you pick up the bikes. You can then pay with your debit or credit card.

What do I have to bring with me when I come?

For the E-Choppers we would like to see a driver's license from each driver.
So don't forget to bring this with you, otherwise we won't hand out your rented E-Chopper!
For the E-Bikes, one passport or other proof of identity is sufficient.
Any subsequent payment can also be paid via debit/credit card, when you come and pick up the rented two-wheeler(s).

How do I know for sure that there are E-Bikes or E-Choppers available?

Book on this website. As soon as we receive your request, it will be scheduled.
After checking availability, the necessary two-wheelers will be provisionally reserved for 48 hours and the digital booking confirmation will be emailed to you.
After payment, the reservation is fixed and you can enjoy Harderwijk and the beautiful Veluwe!
Would you like to make a reservation on the day itself? Then please call us, to be sure that you won't be disappointed when you visit us.

Are you open on Sundays?

During the Dutch summer months (July and August), Fiets Huren Harderwijk is also open on Sundays from 9:30 - 17:30.
During this time you can also book, pick up and return E-Bikes and E-Choppers.

However, this is not possible outside of the summer months. Do you want to drive on Sundays outside of the Dutch summer months? Then you can return the E-Bikes on Monday morning between 09:00 and 09:30.
Attention! In this case the batteries must then be delivered fully charged by yourself! Otherwise, we will not be able to rent them out the same day and we will have to charge you one more day for the rent.

Our E-Choppers can not be rented on Sundays outside of the months: July and August.


Is a helmet mandatory for an E-Chopper?

Yes, a helmet has been a legal requirement in the Netherlands since 2023, when you ride an E-Chopper. These are therefore also provided for free when renting our E-Choppers!

Am I insured?

Our E-Choppers are fully insured during the journey, with an excess of €500.
You can buy off the excess from us for €4.50 per E-Chopper. You can indicate this in our digital reservation form.
You are liable for any damage to the rented E-Chopper itself. This damage must be compensated immediately after the rental period. In the event of a total loss declaration or theft, we charge the current value of the E-Chopper.
For more details about the terms and conditions, see our Terms and Conditions page.

Which traffic rules apply to the E-Chopper?

Our E-Choppers are regarded as special mopeds, because they go up to 25 km/h. This means that you can ride on cycle paths and roads where cyclists are allowed.
The E-Choppers do have wider handlebars than a bicycle, so keep this in mind with oncoming traffic and when passing others on the road! Also, keep enough distance from each other for this same reason!

Can I take a passenger with me?

Yes, this is possible for our E-Choppers.
Mind you, the maximum weight, that our E-Choppers can carry, is 120 kg!
The duo seat is also not intended for a second adult passenger.
Children between 8 and 15 years old are allowed as a co-passenger. Depending on the body length and the total weight.
Attention! The comfort and the range are slightly reduced if you drive with two people!

Are there E-Chopper routes available?

Of course! We have put together several beautiful routes especially for our E-Choppers.
We use the cycling route app from Based on the bicycle node system in the region, you can cruise along water, forest, heathland and sand drifts with our E-Choppers, or simply soak up some culture.
The routes are based on the range of the E-Chopper batteries (45 km) and the quality of the cycle paths. Therefore, the selected routes cannot be deviated from.

Are there smartphone holders available?

We have also arranged that for you. The E-Choppers are all equipped with a telephone holder with charging function!
We do recommend that you start with a fully charged smartphone. Because batteries are not 230 volt sockets of course.
And don't forget to bring your charging cord.
Attention! The smartphone holders are equipped with a USB-2.0 input (Laptop/PC input). So don't bring a USB-C cable!

What should I do in the event of a breakdown with my rented E-Chopper?

Fiets Huren Harderwijk offers a special "breakdown on the road" service for our E-Choppers.
You can reach us at (+31) (0)6 - 22 10 22 72 if there is a problem with the E-Chopper en route. We will then come to you as quickly as possible to exchange the E-Chopper. In event of a breakdown, it is important to explain to us as clearly as possible what is going on with the E-Chopper and where we can find you.
As a suggestion, you could share your location with us via WhatsApp, on which we are also available.


Do you rent out accessories?

Yes, among other things, we rent out child seats, dog carts and dog baskets. We have both front and rear child seats available on the E-Bike.
You can find our complete rental offer here.

Is a bicycle helmet mandatory?

To date, this is only mandatory for Speed Pedelecs in the Netherlands. However, we can offer you a bicycle helmet with your rented E-Bike, if desired. See our prices page for more information.

Can I book a second battery?

Yes, renting a second battery is possible, but in general this is not necessary.
When fully charged, our E-Bike batteries can last an average of 70 to 100 km. This is of course dependent on various factors, such as: surface, driving program, rider weight and weather conditions.

Can I recharge the battery myself?

When you rent an E-Bike for more than one day, you will receive a battery charger. When you receive battery chargers, we always provide a manual, which contains all the necessary information about the use of the chargers. This way you can recharge the battery in the evening.

What should I do in the event of a breakdown with my rented E-Bike?

Within a distance radius of about 10 km away from us, Fiets Huren Harderwijk offers a "breakdown on the road" service.
If something is wrong with the E-Bike during your ride, you can reach us at (+31) (0)6 - 22 10 22 72 and we will come to you as soon as possible to exchange the E-Bike, so you can get going soon again!
If you have a breakdown outside our 10 km service area, please call Fiets Huren Harderwijk first, so that we can determine in good consultation whether you can visit another bicycle repair shop, or whether we can arrange something else for you.

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