About Fiets Huren Harderwijk

The story of Fiets Huren Harderwijk

A good cause

Fiets Huren Harderwijk is a foundation that aims to support orphans and widows in India with the surplus profit from bicycle rental.
By renting our E-Choppers and E-Bikes you will not only discover the beautiful natural environment of the Veluwe, but you will also support charities. This way your holiday gets a "golden edge"!

Our product

We at Fiets Huren Harderwijk work under the motto: "enjoying life, relaxed and carefree". This is reflected in the quality of our E-Choppers and E-Bikes. We perfect our products by making them as quiet, comfortable and strong as possible. As a result, the experience is that, when you ride one of our E-Choppers or E-Bikes, you'll feel like a water bird, floating over the waters.
Curious? We would like to invite you to try it out and experience it yourself.

Strong batteries

Our E-Bike batteries are the strongest in their range.
They have a range from 70 to 100 km, without recharging!

Our E-Choppers have a range of 45 km on a full battery.
We have selected several routes based on this range as well. 

Thanks to these batteries and the selected routes, you do not have to worry about coming to a standstill on the road, with an empty battery. And you don't have to take mandatory stops to charge the battery.
This way you can have a wonderful carefree and relaxed ride, in our very popular natural and cultural environment!

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Low price guarantee

Our low prices make a ride through the Veluwe, or around the Randmeren, not only relaxing, but also advantageous!
See the Prices page for more information. And don't forget to check out the most recent offers on our Offers page.

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Very good rental prices

On the road bike service

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