E-Bike rental in Harderwijk

When you’re on vacation in the region of Harderwijk, then there’s nothing better then to explore the natural environment of the Veluwe, on an E-Bike.

At Fiets Huren Harderwijk we have a whole range of E-Bikes and accessories to provide you with a pleasant stay.
Our powerful batteries have an average lasting time of 70 to 100 km, without needing to recharge. This way you can explore the beautiful natural environment of the Veluwe, without needing to worry if your E-Bike will last long enough!

Our rental offers:

  • Women model E-Bikes
  • Men model E-Bikes
  • Panniers

  • Child seats (front and/or back)
  • Dog baskets

  • Dog trailers

There will always be an E-Bike to your liking and we adjust them to your comfort, so you may comfortably enjoy your cycling adventure.

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